If I ever went to a Fall Out Boy concert and Elton John made a guest appearance, I would fucking cry and possibly pass out.

If I ever went to a Fall Out Boy concert and Courtney Love made a guest appearance, I would scream profanities, throw all the shoes (mine and the shoes of anyone near me), and potentially just fucking bounce at that point. All within a minute and a half, i swear.

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I had a dream that Emma Watson had a thing for me.

And I woke up with music from Pocahontas stuck in my head (which I probably haven’t heard in at least ten years).

I’m really confused, but can I go back to sleep?

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I think I do life wrong.

  • Me Sober: Slips on ice, falls on ass.
  • Me Drunk off my Ass: Walks on ice like it's nothing like a fucking jesus.
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My mom just said “pot pipes and whatever.”

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I hate when my cigarettes ugly burn.

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Mr. Matthew Tuck:

Put your damn hair back, please.

That is all.

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  • One of my best guy friends: Can you be my girlfriend yet?
  • Me: aw...... *awkward silence*
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